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We Make Successful Clients.

Whether you’re an astute investor, visionary executive, influential board member, or a dynamic policy maker, Second Opinion Strategy is your ultimate partner for unlocking success. When your intuition signals, we help you find clarity with a fresh and insightful perspective. Often, it’s minor adjustments to your existing strategies that propel you to achieve your goals.

At Second Opinion Strategy, we specialize in reducing uncertainty and mitigating risk, then help you chart a roadmap for seamless implementation. Our mission revolves around the objectives of our clients. With Second Opinion Strategy by your side, success isn’t an option – it’s certain.

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Distinctive Capabilities

With deep expertise in Industry, Strategy, and Policy, Second Opinion Strategy can effectively help you see around corners and plan for the future. SOS has a distinctive ability to quickly understand the challenge and help set a course for your success.

We start where you are… white sheet of paper, PMO implementation, or 3-year strategy check in. SOS wants to bolster the work you are already doing, not replace your strategy.

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Our Mission & Values

Partnering, we support clients to achieve exceptional performance quickly and privately.

SOS is a client first organization who does not share who we work with. We respect privacy and celebrate a client publishing a strategy or idea as their own.