VC, PE and Private family funds

Investors back great teams and ideas, but wonder how resilient the company is to major shocks, or would stand up to market stress. In short order, Second Opinion Strategy can assess and make private recommendation to the investors. Feel certain that you funds are working for you and your portfolio companies strategy is sound.

Company Executives

Experienced and new executives tell us the top jobs feel like labyrinths and can be lonely. Second Opinion Strategy can support you privately without fanfare or public shows of external approval. We work for you, whether you want to talk through your vision fully modernize your strategy.

Board of Directors

Many board members are experts in fields like finance, risk management, or corporate governance. Some have industry experience, but the world is changing fast. So, how does the board evaluate the strategy their executives present today? Is it in the best interest of shareholders? What knowable industry risks are present, but underrepresented? How do we balance shareholder returns versus ESG goals? Second Opinion Strategy quickly reviews strategy documents and vets ideas to privately provide the board alternatives and key questions to ask the executive team.

Policy Makers

With seemingly thousands of lobbyist and special interest groups pushing for specific outcomes, it can be difficult to find a neutral pragmatic view. What actions could be practical and help you achieve your constituents objectives. Second Opinion Strategy can advise you one-on-one or join working teams to review potential policy. Get advice that benefits your electorate and fully understand what will accelerate the intended impact.

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